What we offer:

  • Digital radiography (x-rays)

    • virtually all animals with lung disease will need radiographs
  • Echocardiography – Human hospital grade ultrasound
    • since high blood pressure in the lungs is common here at high altitude, being able to evaluate this in your pet is essential
  • Fluoroscopy for invasive procedures
    • we can evaluate the degree and extent of tracheal collapse
  • Bronchoscopy
    • we can perform direct visualization of lung airways, and can also perform foreign body removal
  • Tracheal Stents
    • We place stents to open up the trachea with severe tracheal collapse.
    • We do this with fluoroscopy, a moving x-ray
    • There is no surgery, since we do this through the mouth

Why Choice Respiratory?

  • We have been providing hospital based veterinary respiratory care in the Denver Metro area and Colorado since 1993
    • We have always provided primary hospital based care for our clients and patients
      • So we know what happens for our clients and patients
    • We have always handled complex or difficult to manage cases
  • Both cardiologists and internists handle respiratory cases since there is no subspecialty of pulmonology.

    • Cardiologists who are interested in pulmonary disease have the advantage of being able to also diagnose and handle the high blood pressure in the lungs often seen here at altitude in Colorado.