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Northside Emergency Pet Clinic in Westminster

We partner with Northside Emergency Pet Clinic to ensure your pet receives 24/7 support. Please note Choice Veterinary Specialists is not an emergency hospital. 

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Continuous 24/7 Care for Pets

Often times pets that are visiting a specialist veterinarian for lung, heart, or dental issues may be in the high-risk category.

Our partnership with Northside Emergency Pet Clinic ensures on-site support is available for your pet. 

It also allows your pet to receive after-hours care in cases where they should not be moved, requires advanced care, or aren't quite ready to go home following a procedure. 

Northside Emergency Clinic is fully equipped with a full diagnostics lab and surgical suite. They are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained emergency veterinarians to ensure your pet receives the supportive care they need. 

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New Patients Welcome

Choice Veterinary Specialists is accepting new patients. Our experienced veterinary specialists are passionate about improving the health of Westminster animals with complex healthcare needs. Contact us today.

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