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Veterinary Cardiology in Westminster

At Choice Veterinary Specialists our board-certified veterinary cardiologist has been providing advanced diagnostics and treatments for pets with heart disease since 1993.

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Cardiology Services, Westminster Veterinarian

Expert Cardiology Care in Westminster

Although your family veterinarian can diagnose and treat many problems very well, there are some conditions that require advanced diagnostics and care in order to optimize the outcome for your pet.

Our board-certified cardiologist is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular (heart and vessels) disease in cats and dogs.

This includes such disorders as congestive heart failure, mitral valve disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, degenerative valve disease, systemic hypertension, arrhythmias, restrictive cardiomyopathy and cardiac tumors.

We offer same-day or next-day veterinary care so that pets in need do not have to wait to be seen by a cardiologist. No referral is required.

Dr. Loyer believes that by working closely with pet owners and their primary care veterinarians the best possible health outcomes can be achieved for pets suffering from a range of cardiac conditions.

Veterinary Cardiology Specialist in Westminster

Dr. Carroll Loyer has seen more than 20,000 cardiology patients and performed over 13,000 ultrasound examinations. His specialized care is only provided at Choice Veterinary Specialists where he is able to build long-term relationships with clients and monitor their pet's health throughout their lifetime to meet their needs at every stage.

Meet Our Cardiologist

Veterinary Cardiology FAQs

Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about cardiology appointments at our clinic:

  • Why does my pet need to see a veterinary cardiologist?

    If your pet is experiencing a heart-related concern your vet may recommend that you bring your pet to a board-certified veterinary cardiologist.

    During a cardiology appointment, the cardiologist will perform an examination and diagnostics to diagnose your pet's condition and offer the appropriate treatment recommendations.

  • What should I bring to the appointment?

    When visiting our veterinary cardiology department please bring:

    • A list of all medications for your pet, along with strengths and dosages.
    • Any medical records or chest x-rays that the cardiologist may need.
    • Your pet. If your pet takes anti-anxiety medication you can administer it to them prior to their appointment.
  • What should I expect during the visit with a veterinary cardiologist?

    There are a few steps that you can expect when bringing your pet in for a cardiology appointment. These may include:

    • Upon arrival, your pet will be checked in and initial diagnostics such as a blood pressure reading may be performed.
    • The cardiologist will then perform a complete examination and in some cases, an echocardiogram on your pet. You can be with your pet during this time.
    • The cardiologist will then discuss their findings with you and recommendations for the next steps in care.
    • Your primary vet will be provided with a copy of the findings as well so they can continue with the ongoing care of your companion.
  • Can I stay with my pet during their exam and echocardiogram?

    Yes! We highly recommend that you stay with your pet for the duration of your visit. Your presence can help keep your companion relaxed during their exam and diagnostics.

Evaluation of Heart Conditions

At your appointment, the cardiologist will review your dog or cat’s health history and then perform a thorough physical examination of your pet. Based on these findings, additional diagnostic testing may be recommended such as:

  • Echocardiography – Human hospital-grade ultrasound
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) with digital output
  • Digital radiography (x-rays)
  • Blood pressure – Doppler and oscillometric
  • Holter monitors (24-hour ECG)
  • Telemetry for in-hospital cases
  • Fluoroscopy for invasive procedures and more
  • Electroconversion of atrial fibrillation and other rhythm disturbances
  • Pacemakers

Cardiology Services, Westminster Veterinarian

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