Digoxin (Lanoxin®, Cardoxin®)

in a class all its own

Medication Info

  • Class of Medication
    • in a class all its own
  • Effects
    • increases the force with which the heart beats
    • slows heart rate
  • Side Effects
    • given correctly
      • is very well tolerated
      • causing no adverse side effects
    • can cause loss of appetite or even vomiting
      • these do not occur until about 5 days after starting the drug
  • Other Info
    • a digoxin level sometimes must be obtained one week after starting the medication (especially if there are GI signs)
    • preferably 8-12 hours after giving the pill. The dose of digoxin is then adjusted
    • Digoxin levels should be remeasured if significant changes in weight or kidney function occur
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