Breed Information
  • Different breeds have a genetic predisposition for different heart diseases
    • There are certain genes that have been present in certain breeds, over countless generations that cause certain diseases
      • Some genes remain hidden in the background, but are present (genotype)
      • Some genes become expressed physically, causing disease (phenotype)
      • These genes can be passed on from generation to generation
        • They can be very dominant where only one parent with the gene can pass on the disease (autosomal dominant)
        • They can be recessive, where it takes two parents with the gene to pass on disease (autosomal recessive)
        • There can be multiple genes that have to be in the right combination to pass on (polygenic)

Breeds and their Disorders

Disorders and Breed Affected

Breeds and all the diseases they are prone to getting

(more popular breeds have more listings, in part because we know more about them)

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